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The Safe, Accurate and Repeatable Way to Swab!

SwabbotTM, SWAB-ETM, is the new way to swab hard to reach locations, such as vessels and other large confined spaces, required to satisfy your cleaning validation program requirements. Let the Swabbot do all the work and keep your team members safe without sacrificing quality.

Swabbot (SWAB•E) and

Tank Access System

SwabbotTM, SWAB-ETM, is our patented device that can greatly improve the safety, accuracy, and efficiency of your cleaning validation Swabbing Process. When the Swabbot is used with our Tank Access System you will have unprecedented access to your vessels.

Swabbot removes the risk of confined space entry when used with our Swabbot Tank Access System. Now you can place the SWAB•E where you need to swab and let it do all the work.

Swabbot will perform your swabbing procedure the same way every time. It also ensures that the correct amount of pressure is applied to the surface for optimal recovery every time.

With the Swabbot, swabbing can be performed by one person that does not need to be certified as a swabber. No confined space entry means less equipment down time.

Current Swabbing Practice

Manual Swabbing

Manual Swabbing

Manual Swabbing requires highly trained individuals, which limits flexibility and increases operational costs. The cost to certify on person is over $4,000 USD. To ensure availability companies will certify more people than needed. This means that some may not perform the swabbing procedure often which can lead to poor performance.

Confined Space Entry

Swabbing locations are not always easy to access and may require confined space entry which is dangerous, costly, and time consuming. From 2011 to 2018, in the United States alone, 1,030 workers died from occupational injuries involving a confined space even though safety procedures and additional safety measures were in place.

The Telescoping Pole

One solution that companies are using to remove the risk of confined space entry is to perform swabbing using a telescoping pole. This solution does remove the risk of confined space entry, but it greatly reduces the recovery and increases variability. This means there is a risk of false positive or negative results, which increase costs and puts the company and their patients at risk.

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